The original design of the forks couldn't take the pressure and bent
halfway down the hill to MassAve. They are now an artifact.

Whenever the USB Streetsweeper is out of the hanger and into the fray,
you can hear all over subspace the cry...


Construction Info

Ship Status: Destroyed / Decommmissioned
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Shwinn Twin
Origin: Jose of International Bicycle
Chief Engineer: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Builder: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Welder: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Commission Date: 000923
Location: Fort Summer
Speeds: 1
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 3
Light Years: 31.1000


Date Mission Pilot
010721   FlamingGlobe Ghengis
001007   SCULympics Day Games 2000 MegaTron
001001   Close-UpAndPersonal SoulSucka
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 3.004 
Handling Rating: 6.812 
Difficulty Rating: 3.854