Silfr the Elfpunk has emerged from the woodland, born again. A tallbike hooligan as always but seeking new growth and adventure. Look for them in the shadows and in the trees, casting spells into the fire and scratching their bindrune into the world's surfaces. Do you smell herbal smoke and aerosol? The Elf is not far away.....

Recruited: 140719
Recruited By: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Knighted: 140816
Initiated By: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Missions: 80
Light Years: 1472.613

Jobs Taken

Chalk Bag:11
ComSat Monkey:4
Deck Officer:2
Flat Bag:17
Medi Bag:1
Mission Pinner:3
MRC Officer:2
Print Jockey:1
RadioBox A:2
Radiobox B:2
Radiobox D:1
Sticker Bag:22
Tool Bag:11
Wookiee Bag:2


Derby Win:1
Misc Bonus:656


Date Mission Ship
180901 Divinity Cat Moved Us To The Moon Hrimfaxi
180818 Chalk-Full-O'Funk Hrimfaxi
180804 Short Term Memory Loss Civilianship
180728 Ancient Alien Ruins Civilianship
180721 Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town Hrimfaxi
180623 Tell and Show Hrimfaxi
180623 Fixed Gear No Fear Hrimfaxi
180407 Alohamission 2018 Hrimfaxi
171104 Life Day 2017 Mad Rabbit
171028 Hallowheels 2017 Spitfire
171021 Rocky Hyperspace Picture Show Spitfire
170916 Meskenas Mischief Spitfire
170909 Bermuda Triangle Spitfire
170812 Sons of Perseus Summer
170722 Chop To The Hop Hrimfaxi
170610 Cave-In Cyclo-Crass
170527 Augment My Chopper Spitfire
170520 Eggscape To Poo Island Spitfire
170429 We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out The Highwayman
170422 Creampuff Spitfire
170408 Z Axis Spitfire
170401 I'm Dreaming of a White Alphamission Cyclo-Crass
161105 Life Day 2016 The Highwayman
161029 Hallowheelsooogoood Spitfire
161022 Poefection Spitfire
161008 Skunk Day '16 Hrimfaxi
160917 Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys Hrimfaxi
160910 Space Camp Jr. Hrimfaxi
160903 U-Want To Do What? Hrimfaxi
160827 Slingshot Nebulae Hrimfaxi
160820 Ghost Train Hrimfaxi
160814 Dawn Patrol Hrimfaxi
160730 Pretty Princess Hrimfaxi
160723 Castles In The Sand Hrimfaxi
160709 Red Light Hustle Bieber Fever
160611 Over, Under, Around, and Through Spitfire
160604 Twentieth Anniversary Fox War Pony
160528 Reach The Beach War Pony
160521 Night Market Rendezvous *TOP SEKRET Truxy
160514 Do The Worm Truxy
160423 White Hole Truxy
160416 The Friendly Skies Jerry Springer
160402 Alfrescomission '16 Truxy
151107 Omegamission 2015 Grandaddy Purp
151024 Back to the Castle Truxy
151017 Warm Fuzzies Truxy
151010 Illuminus Truxy
150926 Where's The Beef? Summer
150919 Bog Standard Ops Fonzerelli
150912 Hulls Down Truxy
150905 'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun Truxy
150829 Carpe Noctem Truxy
150822 Tooth Fairy Truxy
150815 Cosmic Safari Iridium
150725 Local Early Bird Special Delirium
150718 Hot Shot Bieber Fever
150711 Rat Pack Fonzerelli
150620 Like Deers In Rain Trinity
150613 Keeping up ApPEARances Bieber Fever
150606 Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Summer
150530 StarBuck Rojerthat Fonzerelli
150523 Photon Overdrive Summer
150516 Show and Tell Summer
150502 String Theory Iridium
150425 Chop Your Own Adventure Fonzerelli
150418 Cloaked in Cardboard Fonzerelli
150411 Ellipsoidal Oviform Search and Rescue Trixie
150404 Alfalfa Mission '15 Fonzerelli
141108 Overtime: Omegamission '14 Catastrophe
141101 Halloweeeels '14 Catastrophe
141025 Winter? SCULimpics '14 Catastrophe
141018 Steam Release Catastrophe
141012 Chonk! Catastrophe
141011 This Mission Brought To You By The Letter 'D' Catastrophe
141004 Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Catastrophe
140823 Aquaprincess Mad Rabbit
140816 Let's Get Physical Mad Rabbit
140802 Leave It To Chance Mad Rabbit
140726 Scrambled Egg-stravaganza Catastrophe
140719 Ghost Ship Catastrophe


Bronze Cog

Stone Cog