Status: Active

FTL Artemis

From the depths of the Secret Sector - the system that lit the
cosmos - she is wild
and unruly. She is not pretty. Nor, beautiful. She is radiant as
sun, yet she hunts the night. She is the FTL Artemis. She brings


Light Years1902.757
Thrust Rating8
Handling Rating2
Difficulty Rating4
Max Warp46

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeWestern Flyer
Chief EngineerCivitron
WelderSeven Of Nine
OriginSkunk, SCUL scrapyard, and some adventure trophies
Christened on120407
LocationFort Jenny Lind
Navi RetroCoaster
Primary RetroCoaster


210925   Long Shot: Century 21B Civitron
191019   Hallowheels: Neon Blood Beanstalk
191005   Luna Libros VI: Technicolour Treasure Hunt Beanstalk
190928   Starchasers SCULimpics 2019 Beanstalk
181117   Operation ResCUTE Mission Civitron
181110   Bonus Pi in the Frozen Sky Civitron
181020   Cosmic Creeps (SCD Hallowheels) Civitron
180929   Blue Skidoo Civitron
180915   SCULimpics 2018: Star City Games Civitron
180908   Escape from the Cape Civitron
180825   Ice Cream Cake Civitron
180714   Anchors A-weigh Civitron
180707   This Is How We Win Civitron
180526   SCD SCUL Day 22 Civitron
180509   Alpha Flight 2018 Civitron
170617   Luna Librish Civitron
170501   Late Start Great Start Civitron
161204   New Hope: Episode One Civitron
161015   Colour Out of Space (Starchaser Century) Civitron
161013   AHA! Civitron
160910   Space Camp: The Revenge Civitron
160818   Art of the Impossible Civitron
160723   Nth Degree Civitron
160716   Starhorse! Civitron
160710   The Irradiated Wizard of Ros Civitron
160710   The Irradiated Wizard of Ros Civitron
160618   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Civitron
160602   Just the Tip Civitron
160402   Alfrescomission '16 Civitron
151113   Unlucky Friday the 13th Poor Judgement One Up B... Civitron
151107   Omegamission 2015 Civitron
151018   Chromasonic Funkticolor Civitron
151010   Woods Hole Century Civitron
150905   Zoobaleezoo Civitron
150904   Beach Blanket Burrito Bros. Civitron
150829   Carpe Noctem Civitron
150815   Cosmic Safari Civitron
150725   Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Civitron
150718   Hot Shot Civitron
150516   Luna Libros III: Holocron Heist Civitron
150425   Infinity Gauntlet Civitron
150418   Soft Potato Civitron
150411   Alpha lapha ding-dong '15 Civitron
141018   Flying in the Face of Providence Civitron
140927   Chasing Down the Day Star: Parts 1 & 2 Civitron
140830   Cahdbawd Sawds Civitron
140814   Soggy Paradox Civitron
140717   High Horse Civitron
140705   Mad Owl's Red Scare Civitron
140628   Roswell That Ends Well Civitron
140531   Desolation of Chalkulust! Civitron
140517   Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Civitron
140503   Seal the Rift Civitron
140412   Starchaser Alphamission '14 Civitron
131005   Konami Code Civitron
130928   Starchaser Day 2013 Civitron
130907   Colour Underground (Part 1) Civitron
130824   Metric Century of the Phoenix Civitron
130817   Buzz Kill Civitron
130723   Making Friends Civitron
130623   League of Just Us Civitron
130601   Almost Legal (SCUL Day 2013) Civitron
130518   Luna Libros Civitron
130504   Bring Home the Tesseract Civitron
130427   Blame Somebody Else Civitron
130420   Tomorrow is Yesterday is Today Civitron
130413   Prometheus Rising (Starchasers Alphamission) Civitron
121013   Divide and Conquer Civitron
121006   Ice Knuckled Skunk Hunt Civitron
120929   Chasing The Stars With The Starchasers Civitron
120623   Chopra vs. Godzilla Civitron
120505   Super Mooning Civitron
120421   Tea and Grackle Civitron
120407   Cranktabulous Alphamission! Civitron