Status: Success


Almost Legal (SCUL Day 2013)

SCUL turns 17, Captain Civitron returns from Galaxy NC, and China successfully completes another solar rotation! To celebrate, the Starchasers practice the ancient art of the Derby (for the first time!) and we knight us a pilot!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Beatleman Voluptuous 106.488   Petty Officer First Class
China Hook 162.933   Aviator First Class
Civitron Artemis 2280.43   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Ladybug Angry Candy 0   Pilot
Sage Lucifer 610.427  
Task Force Pilot
Chalk Bag Civitron
Deck Officer Civitron
Fileczar Civitron
Flat Bag Beatleman
Mission Leader Civitron
MRC Officer Sage
Navigator Civitron
Radiobox 1 Civitron
Sticker Bag Civitron
Tailgunner Sage

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Jonathan
DestinationThe Great Derby Arena behind the ruins of Luna Shaws
Light Years12.5483
G-Well Activity4.227
Technical Rating3.263