Status: Success


Cahdbawd Sawds

SevenOfNine, of the Somerville System, joined the Starchasers on a fun-filled, candy-fueled adventure through the Secret Sector. Five pilots attended MRC but only four made it to the launch pad, after Baggadonuts burst a fuel cell and was transported back to the Donut Shop for an emergency fuel dump. He was never heard from again.

With the sacred Cahdbawd Sawd in hand, the remaining four pilots ventured into darkness and through the smellier parts of the system in search of more candy! A shadowy youngling on the edge of the nebula downloaded scans of our ships; we played a game of musical nav/tail; Beatleman found a crown; and we crushed like a kabillion cups.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Beatleman Goro 577.148   Lieutenant
Civitron Artemis 684.109  
Nopes The Mayor Morcus Voluptuous 165.405  
Seven Of Nine Hook 576.012   Petty Officer First Class
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Beatleman
Chalk Bag Civitron
Deck Officer Civitron
Flat Bag Seven Of Nine
Food Wrangler Civitron
Medi Bag Beatleman
Mission Leader Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
MRC Officer Seven Of Nine
Navigator Civitron
Radiobox 1 Civitron
Sentry Beatleman
Sticker Bag Civitron
Still Cam Civitron
Tailgunner Beatleman
Tool Bag Nopes The Mayor Morcus

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Jonathan
Light Years14.7646
G-Well Activity1.6732
Technical Rating4