Status: Success


Skunk Day '16

What happened? This mission celebrated Skunk's completion of 47 orbits around, as he calls it, "your puny daystar". I hide my cephalic node in shame.

First we welcomed back those pilots who survived the recent inter-universal mission to Canadia with a lively MRC, including various repairs and a silkscreening session. Sweatshirts, capes, miscellaneous bin clothes, and the eternal t-shirts and tank tops were painted with SCUL's emblem, with an unusually high rate of success, and the only thing that went wrong was that the heat gun let out its magic smoke. RIP heat gun.

Fixie joined the fleet for the first time in several orbits, bringing along the aptly named Manchild, and Zenith was back with us too. Red Squirrel brought a piñata of a fanged snow alien, made of papier mâché and chicken wire, with an extra hand coming out of its head. Where does she find these? We filled it with a number of things until no more things would fit.

Every pilot donned a cape (though some were only Sharpied geography), and we launched in good style, with orders to play marbles and Matchbox cars, eat hot food molecules, be excellent and surprise the Admiral.

Then we flew around on spaceships and went places! It was fun! Excess navigated on Krampus, Pastry Queen graced us with her rolling pin, and Sewer had a gigantic flag that makes him look exactly like Dogi, if you squint and mostly look at the flag. We hit some constellations and got some unsavory snax including thermally excited one. Radiation was predicted but instead the skies parted so we could enjoy our flight without shielding.

We went to the skate park, played cars in the big bowl, and considered hitting the piñata but did not hit the piñata. Lordmcfuzz tried to surprise the Admiral with free points, not sure if successful. Then we went more places and eventually took off for Assembly Square, passing under the giraffe toward Grackle. At some point in this process Earth skipped two hours and it became late. Cloudbuster probably bumped the daystar and knocked it off beam.

At Grackle we finally hit the piñata, whomping its wintry evil with Threespeed's ice scraper. (Neither survived.) After repeated assaults by Skunk, Tyrian and Leotard, some even in the right direction, it gave up the goods and sprayed candy molecules all over the place. We ate a lot of them and some pilots had tea.

Then we strapped the dismembered alien snow corpse to various choppers, and headed for the home fort. Skunk Day 2016 has been served. Many happy returns, Skunk!

The following morning we were supposed to fly in the Camberville Systems Honk Parade, in honor of brass instrument beings and their hu-man servants, but instead it radiated too much and we all stayed home in bed. (Except Lordmcfuzz who was at the fort hoping to get points.) This was a good life decision.

PS we saw so many bunnies!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dare Mjollnir 396.21   Aviator
DrClaw Skywarp 300.686  
eXceSs Krampus 284.976  
Fixie Ass Over Tea Kettle 422.564   Aviator First Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 1812.41  
Leotard Trinity 783.907  
Lordmcfuzz Abandon All Hope -0.0000234123  
Manchild El Guapo 0  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 0  
Red Squirrel Centvrion 264.16  
Silfr Hrimfaxi 267.618  
Snow Deep Blue Dream 72.7319  
Threespeed Dr. Moreau 465.416  
Tyrian Compliance 349.326   Petty Officer Third Class
Wombat ATM Machine 455.511  
Zenith Bieber Fever 299.908   Aviator
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Lordmcfuzz
Chalk Bag Zenith
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Compressor Wrangler Red Squirrel
Damage Control Red Squirrel
Deck Officer Leotard
Flat Bag Wombat
Gate Attendant Leotard
Medi Bag Manchild
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Pinner Fixie
Mission Reporter Leotard
MRC Officer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator eXceSs
Radiobox 1 Fleet Admiral Skunk
Radiobox 2 Leotard
Radiobox 3 DrClaw
Recycler Red Squirrel
Stellar Cartographer eXceSs
Sticker Bag Silfr
Still Cam DrClaw
Tailgunner Lordmcfuzz
Tool Bag Dare
Wookiee Bag Fixie

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
Light Years20.2619
G-Well Activity1.1056
Technical Rating1.8942