Pilot Date2005.09.10
Total Light Years1,279.74

Late at night when the world is mysterious, msmoooon likes to be out. Curious, stubborn, able to be brave when necessary but prefers to plan ahead. She is a superhero librarian. She needs to read like other people need to eat. She also likes poking her nose into other people's countries. She sings with Rakiya, an electric Balkan band and plays with Sladka.


Tool Bag3
Flat Bag1
Sticker Bag2
Still Cam1
Mission Reporter10


Transport Services


Hosted ByThreespeed
Pilot Date2005.09.10

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2019.10.05 MAD Skunk Day 50 Strangelove
2019.09.28 MAD Princess Bride Strangelove
2019.07.27 MAD Reindeer Games Strangelove
2019.07.20 MAD A Trip to the Moon Strangelove
2019.07.13 MAD Splashdown! Strangelove
2019.06.15 MAD A Hyperspace Byway Too Far Strangelove
2019.06.08 MAD The Sampler Strangelove
2019.05.11 MAD Tribblespottin' Strangelove
2019.05.04 MAD May The 4th Be Little Free Library Day on Tatoo... Star Hustler
2018.09.29 MAD Super Easy Double Century (1:64 scale version) Strangelove
2018.07.21 MAD Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town Strangelove
2018.07.14 SCD Anchors A-weigh Strangelove
2018.07.07 MAD Planetary Prom Night Star Hustler
2018.06.16 MAD Double Dippin' Star Hustler
2017.11.04 MAD Life Day 2017 Strangelove
2017.10.28 MAD Hallowheels 2017 Strangelove
2017.10.21 MAD Day-Cordova Strangelove
2017.10.01 MAD Little Ship of Horrors Strangelove
2017.08.19 MAD Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Strangelove
2017.07.15 MAD Christmas In July Strangelove
2016.10.29 MAD Hallowheel sooogoood Strangelove
2016.09.17 MAD Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys Strangelove
2016.08.20 MAD Ghost Train Strangelove
2015.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Strangelove
2012.07.21 MAD Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Strangelove
2012.06.23 MAD Chopra vs. Godzilla Strangelove
2011.09.03 MAD Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Star Hustler
2010.10.30 MAD Omegamission Hallowheels Strangelove
2010.10.10 MAD HONK! Parade 2010 Strangelove
2010.10.02 MAD War of 100 Light Years Strangelove
2010.07.31 MAD The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Star Hustler
2010.07.03 MAD Exquisite Corpsicle Star Hustler
2010.04.02 MAD Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Star Hustler
2009.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2009 Strangelove
2009.10.03 MAD Show the Admiral a Good Time - Skunk Day 2009 Star Hustler
2009.09.26 MAD Snobs 'N' Wigs Strangelove
2009.09.19 MAD Providence Smiles Upon Us Strangelove
2009.08.22 MAD Nitrogen Poop Monkey Star Hustler
2009.08.15 MAD Insidious Perfection Star Hustler
2009.07.25 MAD Soggy Bottom Strangelove
2008.10.11 MAD Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk Star Hustler
2008.08.30 MAD 13 Circles of Hell, Are We There Yet? Star Hustler
2008.08.23 MAD Dance & Derby Star Hustler
2008.08.16 MAD Friendly Fire Star Hustler
2008.07.26 MAD It's Hard to Be a Princess Strangelove
2008.05.24 MAD Space Truckin' Star Hustler
2008.05.17 MAD Bicycle Boogie Star Hustler
2008.04.12 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Star Hustler
2007.10.27 MAD Omegamission Star Hustler
2007.10.13 MAD This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! Star Hustler
2007.10.06 MAD Skunk Day Honkfest Star Hustler
2007.09.29 MAD Walking the Party Line Star Hustler
2007.09.22 MAD Back in the Saddle Again Star Hustler
2007.08.10 MAD All Night Long Doot Doo: Century 2007 Star Hustler
2007.07.28 MAD Hapto Day Star Hustler
2007.07.01 MAD Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Star Hustler
2006.07.16 MAD SCULimpics De-Briefing Star Hustler
2006.06.17 MAD Vomit Day2006 Star Hustler
2005.10.30 MAD Hallowheels05 Strangelove
2005.10.08 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
2005.09.24 MAD Isla Castilia Strangelove
2005.09.10 MAD Moose Day Celebrated Star Hustler
Bronze Cog
Special Ops