Status: Success


Hot Chrome And Blood

The original destination of this mission was embarrassingly close. A colony evolved within one light year from Fort Francis. Such a short ride makes a chopper pilot's skin crawl. Nevertheless we stopped in, the colony was on the third floor and the inhabitants were not particularly excited about bicycles, let alone choppers. SCUL needed to ride on, and it was not long before the urge became too much to resist.

Chef navigated the fleet into Harvard University and Kendall Theater Parking lot, a literal obstacle course of fun. The navigation proved particularly challenging for NoWayRay aboard USB Sky King. He crashed the craft only once. Along the journey we encountered Wolfie and Wolfette on their civilian bomber. They decided to accompany us for the remainder of the mission. We returned to base only after a thrilling dogfight in the Luna Star Market Arena, involving sevral spectacular crashes.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Chef Lust 0   Pilot
Crack Ez Raider 430.333   Lieutenant Commander
Crack Ez Raider 430.333   Commander
Fleet Admiral Skunk Abandon All Hope 773.782   Commodore
Fleet Admiral Skunk Abandon All Hope 773.782   Vice Admiral
Fuel Injector Famine 121.875   Aviator First Class
Kung Fool Greed 210.008   Petty Officer Third Class
MeatWagon Fluffy, TDOW 178.494   Master Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth FallFromGrace 284.581   Lieutenant
Nails Trez Bonz 136.244   Ensign
NoWay Sky King 418.661   Lieutenant Commander
NoWay Sky King 418.661   Commander
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Francis
DestinationTwo Colonies
Light Years13.1
G-Well Activity3.708
Technical Rating4.235