This ship can handle 800 earthpounds! It is the cargo ship of SCUL and offers a lounge for pilots
in need of rest. Almost every mission it is been used to rescue a pilot in need. Perhaps pilots
are so eager to be monkey they injure themselves just for the privilege. Carried six pilots (and violated its warranty) at SCULimpics 2003.
Popular at weddings and birthday parties.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Origin: Hazmat built it
Chief Engineer: HazMat
Builder: HazMat
Welder: HazMat
Commission Date: 020427
Missions: 5
Light Years: 62.2500


Date Mission Pilot
030927   SCULimpics 2003 NoWay
030816   NoWay Day A-OK NoWay
030412   SloMo BetaMission NoWay
020511   ShakesRattle&Roll NoWay
020427   Derby World NoWay
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 6.821 
Handling Rating: 7.881 
Difficulty Rating: 6.312