Peeecamatic: Pechanical
Yup, everything was epic and turbo. We hit things, and each other and
orange. We turned hard (well, except axeman... i hear he couldn't so
he just kinda wiped out on all the turns).

So yeah. pretty badass. Oh, and nameless got his face busted, per
request. We in scul like to make sure that every pilot gets to make
his wildest dreams come true.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Axeman Swayze Express 155   Chief Petty Officer
BaneThunderwolf Pestilence 214.56   Chief Petty Officer
Buckminister Immaculate Taco 96.881   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Dozer Skylab 256.71  
DrGee Pale Horse 244.46   Petty Officer 3rd Class
eHawk Schadenfreude 144.899  
Frenchy El Guapo 154.031   Aviator First Class
Gonzo Ez Raider 0  
Hapto Basquiat 259   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Joyride SawedOff 255  
Leotard Lazarus 587.878  
Maddog Civilianship 31   Recruit
magneato Bonnie & Clyde 245.536   Commander
MegaSeth NightFever 204.402   Petty Officer 3rd Class
moose LokiDucker 220.391   Chief Petty Officer
pecan Darkendank 322.889   Ensign
pywaket Cloudbuster -737.581   Recruit
Samurai Heartbreaker 176.24   Aviator First Class
Shakes Dr. Love 235.553   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 219.837   Lieutenant
vomit JanBrady 139.027   Chief Petty Officer
Yarko Mjollnir 220.49   Petty Officer 1st Class
Yoyo Anger 207.71   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Yoyo
Damage Control BaneThunderwolf
Deck Officer BoomBoom
Deck Officer Asst. DrHeadCrash
Filmer Gonzo
Flat Bag Shakes
Medi Bag Bendy
Minister of Zoobs DrGee
Mission Leader pecan
MRC Officer Leotard
Navigator Hapto
Sentry Fleet Admiral Skunk
Skynet Operator (pre-mission) BoomBoom
Sticker Bag Dozer
Tailgunner Joyride
Division: MAD
Date: 07/18/2009
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Bartlett
Destination: Orangery
Light Years: 10
G-Well Activity: 5
Technical Rating: 6