Status: Success


Leave It To Chance

Take a chance. Flip a coin. Find your destiny and plant a barnacle.

*Threw a barnacle at a map, then went to that location to plant the barnacle
*Dogi on the launchpad with a doggy
*First barnacle landed on Fresh Pond, went there and circled it
*Brief Hapto sighting near Davis Square
*Zenith successfully mounts a HARV during shore leave on only her second mission
*Second barnacle hit Harvard Square, so we went to Cambridge Common
*Third barnacle "landed" on the Kendall steam globe, Epoxy calls foul
*Flipped a coin to determine which of three derby lots we would visit
*Derbies won by Nosepicker (showdown against Skunk), Sewer (after Deadblow took out Nosepicker but then put her foot down out of sheer excitement), Nosepicker (in a photo-finish showdown with Zenith)
*Sidekick takes a brutal fall that draws blood, awarded first Medal of Injury
*Stogie arrives on Chubz and joins us for the remainder of the mission
*Skunk covers a giant steel door in barnacles
*Final park destination chosen by another coin flip, Paul Revere playground in Charlestown
*Return to landing pad, where mission success or failure was determined by a final coin flip (it was heads)
*New babymaggots Deadblow and Lunatic hazed by a lackluster crew of D-list comedians who need to come up with some solid new material.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 649.347  
Dare El Guapo 0  
Deadblow Mjollnir 0  
Epoxy Catastrophe 416.051   Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 1014.39  
Nosepicker Lust 391.523   Petty Officer Third Class
Red Squirrel Centvrion 678.357  
Sidekick Yer Mom 424.722   Master Chief Petty Officer
Silfr Mad Rabbit 0  
Tyrian Chastity 650.465   Lieutenant
Wombat Pale Horse 404.656   Commander
XXIII ReFLEX 407.28   Captain
Zenith Ez Raider 0  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Tyrian
Chalk Bag Silfr
Cleaner Red Squirrel
Com-Sat 1 Tyrian
Compressor Wrangler Fleet Admiral Skunk
Damage Control Sidekick
Deck Officer BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag Dare
Gate Attendant BaneThunderwolf
Medi Bag Zenith
Minister of Zoobs Sidekick
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Reporter Wombat
MRC Officer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator Nosepicker
Recycler Red Squirrel
Sticker Bag BaneThunderwolf
Still Cam Sidekick
Tailgunner XXIII
Tool Bag Epoxy
Wookiee Bag Tyrian

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
DestinationLuck of the draw
Light Years17.6622
G-Well Activity1.204
Technical Rating1.816