We were egged on…literally by some punkass kids. There was lots of screaming and yelling. We hit several constellations to promote our upcoming movie. Nosepicker rode through heavy radiation in the BostonCommonsFrogPond. Only a minor mechanical.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asterix Sloth 416.427   Master Chief Petty Officer
BlockheadBuriBukh Summer 934.212   Captain
Brewer Skylab 1367.02   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
CaptainUnderpants Trez Bonz 416.733   Admiral
Crumpet Devastation 1288.72   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
dillweed Spooky Pirate 368.69   Lieutenant Commander
Dreamer Annihilation 516.197   Senior Chief Petty Officer
EvilTwin Delirium 1740.16   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 2559.62  
Grimlocke Binky 312.258   Ensign
Kaibosch Holy Molar 390.109  
Kinky Pig Champion 152.359   Ensign
Mars Visa 1105.6  
MegaSeth BadMotivator 87.431  
MentalSimon Mjollnir 366.974   Commander
Natas Cynthia Wagner 275.996   Captain
Nosepicker G.I. Jane 88.8535  
Onath Compliance 1171.45  
Oppo War 222.702  
PainBunny Pale Horse 521.921   Commodore
pecan Sugardaddy 78.0113  
Pengo Famine 1849.13   Vice Admiral
Percentin Pride 300.121   Petty Officer 2nd Class
PoodleSxirt PlateOShrimp 130.424   Aviator First Class
RickyRetardo Dr. Love 376.945   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Samurai George Dilboy 183.074  
Shakes Abandon All Hope 411.474   Commodore
Tobasco Darkendank 183.975   Aviator First Class
Mission Task Pilot
Filmer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator Onath
Tailgunner Pengo
Tool Bag BlockheadBuriBukh
Division: MAD
Date: 08/20/2005
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: promoting big lights and cameras
Light Years: 11.003
G-Well Activity: 2.045
Technical Rating: 3.0005