Three new maggots joined the pack along with four new ships. The fleet headed to the usual ole haunts: The Davis constellation, Harvard Constellation and were sad t6o discover that LunaToscaninis was closed. In search of molecules we rested for fuel at a gas station and then headed to a local derby lot. Shortly after our arrival an ST pulled up. Moose gave a friendly hello and the ST let us continue our derby plans. A derby ensued. We then headed to a secret undisclosed location care of Trogdor and Threespeed. At this top secret location we were able to warm up, derby, remove spacesuits, take part in refreshments and clean defueling stations, and groove groove groove. The fleet then headed back to the fort only to encounter a strange time warp. We arrived home without incident
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher MoxieMoron 293.785   Petty Officer 3rd Class
beezwax Skylab 148.787   Aviator First Class
Bushido Durty Basturd 278.724   Petty Officer 3rd Class
ConCarne Spooky Pirate 237.23   Petty Officer 3rd Class
DangerMouse Energy 914.733   Master Chief Petty Officer
Diva Incineraider 432.77   Petty Officer 1st Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 432.795   Petty Officer 1st Class
Fool One Night Stand 118.741   Aviator First Class
GluteusMaximus Famine 75.5068   Aviator
MoneyShot Delirium 194.72   Aviator First Class
MonkeyBoy Dr. Love 122.905   Aviator First Class
moose LokiDucker 308.15   Petty Officer 2nd Class
MotherMayhem Mammy Pleasant 109.523   Aviator First Class
Muffin BikeOSaurus 283.393   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Muon Trez Bonz 244.746   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Nameless Slag 341.313   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Nosepicker Annihilation 210.024   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Oppo Ooh La La 146.859   Aviator First Class
PainBunny Ez Raider 449.843   Petty Officer 1st Class
pecan Swamp Thing 166.367   Aviator First Class
Phooka Pale Horse 286.959   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Rahji Lust 214.562   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Rotwang Summer 337.607   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Samurai Circus Peanut 161.525   Aviator First Class
Scarecrow LochNess 296.89   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Shakes Mjollnir 390.873   Petty Officer 2nd Class
SideShowDoh JimBike 535.624   Chief Petty Officer
snarly PrixFixe 468.664   Petty Officer 1st Class
Sparky D.B. Cooper 196.716   Aviator First Class
TheFeminist Darkendank 111.935   Aviator First Class
Threespeed Schadenfreude 157.771   Aviator First Class
TorqueBox Pride 132.112   Aviator First Class
Trogdor Devastation 129.837   Aviator First Class
waltor Singularity 223.507   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Zappa Pig Champion 254.869   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Mission Task Pilot
Medi Bag ConCarne
Navigator MoneyShot
Tailgunner Phooka
Tool Bag SideShowDoh
Division: MAD
Date: 04/03/2004
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: The Moon
Light Years: 8.81
G-Well Activity: 1.2
Technical Rating: 1.4