Mammy Pleasant
Embarking on assignment to construct a ship for daily use by MotherMayhem, I set out using SwampThing as a template. The Huffy destroyer hull was found derelict on PlanetSomerville and transported to the JP system by Nameless. MotherMayhem assembled the wheels. Sparky machined the fork, LoJack welded it, and Sparky assembled the ship./ It is named for a renegrade slave, underground railroad conspirator, and "angel or arch fiend in the house of mystery," successful SanFrancisco land owner.

"I run the show and I’m the whole theater in myself"--Mary Ellen "Mammy" Pleasant

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Origin: derelict on somerville ave
Builder: Sparky
Welder: LoJack
Commission Date: 040403
Missions: 7
Light Years: 83.6540


Date Mission Pilot
050924   IslaCastilia MotherMayhem
050514   Stoodio53 MotherMayhem
041009   SkunkDay2004 MotherMayhem
040731   Tour De Nosepicker MotherMayhem
040417   StopNChop MotherMayhem
040410   BetaRide MotherMayhem
040403   AlphaMission04 MotherMayhem
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 8.018 
Handling Rating: 6.612 
Difficulty Rating: 2.974