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Document Title: Donations
Document Type: Misc
Document Body: SCUL is offered donations on a fairly regular basis, and we have some guidelines for handling donations to SCUL. People are generous with things they're going to throw out anyway, however, it takes time and energy to sort them, find storage space, or strip derelicts and eject the garbage into space. The value of the donation needs to outweigh the cost in time and energy to SCUL.

What we accept

  • Curvy old steel bicycle frames in usable condition (i.e. not bent or rusted out)
  • Items that are used up frequently: e.g. inner plasma casings (tubes), lubricants and cleaners, rags, fasteners, abrasives, Earth beer.
  • High-quality ship parts
  • Tools that significantly expand our capabilities
  • Raw materials for specific, active projects (i.e. plywood if we're building wood shelving)
  • Earth Credit$ are always useful.

What we don't accept

  • We cannot use cheap department-store bikes e.g. Huffy, Murray, AMF, RoadMaster, Sears.
  • We do not want bikes with aluminum frames or bare frames. Our friends at Bike Not Bombs might want these, check their donations page.
  • We also cannot use rusted out or damaged steel bike frames, unless they are really special