This is the second of ships you can talk trash about. This ship was
built to provide high visibility and hi-five potential. Diva got
tired of people saying, "Hey, nice helmet" and not even noticing her
fancy ship and so Toxic Wasye was built. It is fluorescent green
with hot pink wheels and pedals and a biohazard head badge. It was
originally designed to be a light ship to handle long missions, but
it's knee crunching technology made it difficult to fulfill that
purpose. The double rake fork design made it more suitable to be an
expert hillclimbing and derby machine.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Frigate
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: trek
Origin: Skunk's trash
Chief Engineer: Diva
Builder: Diva
Welder: waltor
Commission Date: 010726
Speeds: 1
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 24
Light Years: 335.7425
Class: Frigate 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 8.04 
Handling Rating: 8.881 
Difficulty Rating: 3.776