A full suspension frame stands at attention. With some Dino friends.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Battleship
Ship Configuration: H.A.R.V
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Huffy
Origin: Lithuania
Chief Engineer: eXceSs
Builder: eXceSs
Welder: eXceSs
Commission Date: 180609
Speeds: 18
Navigational Retro: U-Brake
Primary Retro: U-Brake
Missions: 3
Light Years: 53.1888


Date Mission Pilot
180616   Sculcation eXceSs
180610   The Knights Who Say Iki Iki Iki eXceSs
180609   Bollard of Richard Dixon eXceSs
Class: Battleship 
Configuration: H.A.R.V 
Thrust Rating: 
Handling Rating: 
Difficulty Rating: