Status: Failure


Bollard of Richard Dixon

AIL alpha mission 2018

From playa dust they came, and to dust they shall return. Upon first launch, Bane's ship couldn't be found, and it took some time to be located. After falling ranks for the second time, Navi took off, but the helm of tailgunner PQ's ship capsized, and was repaired using leftover, damaged tools from previous season. Finally, all were ready to fly!

All pilots have built ships: three for the first time ever!! Pilots attempted to circumnavigate the local heavy nebulae, dodging heavy food traffic, narrow nebula byways with pylons and fireworks. Fuzz tacos a wheel. Ships were christened in Lake Mastis, including a spectacular entrance from Spark, riding AIL Davy Jones straight off the dock!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Yippie Ki Yay 396.648   Petty Officer Second Class
emc2 Civilian Ship 0  
eXceSs Discosaurus 133.954   Petty Officer Second Class
Goku Civilian Ship 17.4954   Pilot
Lordmcfuzz Bucketlist 315.388  
Pastry Queen Allspice 367.688   Petty Officer First Class
Smith Bruce Springsteen 0  
Spark Davy Jones 87.477   Pilot
Wombat Full Frontal 317.078   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot
Com-Sat 1 eXceSs
Flat Bag Lordmcfuzz
Mission Debriefer Pastry Queen
Mission Leader BaneThunderwolf
Mission Pinner Wombat
Mission Reporter Pastry Queen
Navigator Lordmcfuzz
Radiobox 1 BaneThunderwolf
Stellar Cartographer Lordmcfuzz
Sticker Bag BaneThunderwolf
Still Cam Wombat
Tailgunner Pastry Queen
Tool Bag Pastry Queen

Mission Parameters

OriginTelšiai System, Lithuania Universe
DestinationThird time's a charm
Light Years5.2477
G-Well Activity3
Technical Rating4