This was commissioned for Crack, on her birthday. The whole ship was
inspired by a chainguard that said "funstyle" on it.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Away
Ship Class: Destroyer
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Chief Engineer: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Builder: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Welder: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Commission Date: 980501
Speeds: 1
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 3
Light Years: 37.5000


Date Mission Pilot
991102   HallownWheels1999 Crack
990620   This Sucks I Can't Believe It's Taking So Long Crack
980515   Go-NoGo Crack
Class: Destroyer 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 6.42 
Handling Rating: 8.11 
Difficulty Rating: 3.24