An easy-handling, sturdy, ship. She was built to keep at
SlaveStation MIT, for Threespeed, Trogdor, and intrepid civilians to
tool around campus in style.

It features a Bendix "kick-back"
2-speed rear hub which changes speeds every time you backpedal a bit,
or brake. How evil! Its primary thruster requires thruster casings
of the rare Schwinn S5 size configuration, even more evil! At least
it uses ordinary 26x1-3/8 inner plasma tanks.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Mothballed
Ship Class: Battleship
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Schwinn
Origin: reuse@mit.edu
Chief Engineer: Threespeed
Builder: Threespeed
Welder: Threespeed
Commission Date: 040626
Speeds: 2
Navigational Retro: Side-pull Caliper
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 11
Light Years: 135.5270
Class: Battleship 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 6.127 
Handling Rating: 7.881 
Difficulty Rating: 2.245