This poor thing is a putrification of CaddyYack, MegaSeth steel, MegaSeth technology, and Torquebox engineering. I hope they're not mad. Super Nexus 4 technology includes pulse technology at too slow, kinda fast, definitely too fast and light speed, but the hyperspace fondler link from the blah blah blah to the who cares is all broke. You're the only thing that understands me. All the furry rust is structural. I swear. Destined to be taken apart in less than two Earth Moon cycles, furriness and all.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Destroyer
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Whatevah
Origin: CaddyYack/Stormbringer
Chief Engineer: Nameless
Builder: Nameless
Welder: Nameless
Commission Date: 991230
Speeds: 1
Missions: 1
Light Years: 7.5700


Date Mission Pilot
050402   Aplamission2005 Nameless
Class: Destroyer 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 3.427 
Handling Rating: 2.079 
Difficulty Rating: 8.792