Puppy is a Viper pilot in the Scul armada. He has a huge chip on his shoulder and a major attitude problem. He manages to escape from his scrapes with authority figures by virtue of the fact that he is an incredibly skilled pilot.

Puppy's bravado likely stems from the fact that he comes from an abusive home in which he was not supported and encouraged. He compensates by being the best and then lording this over others. Yet, he is still likable as a "one of the girls" kind of boy who likes to compete in sports, vegan baking, and drinking.

He is close with Admiral Skunk who often overlooks his transgressions because he sees him as something of a surrogate daughter. On the other hand "Puppy" has a very contentious relationship with Admiral Bane Thunderwolf who is not impressed with his repeated insubordination, no matter how skilled he is as a pilot.

"Puppy" is fearless, funny, smart, but often cannot filter his feelings and words and sometimes hurts those around him.

While he is outwardly rough-edged, "Starbuck", er...I mean "Puppy" is also deeply spiritual and has faith in the gods.
Recruited: 141004
Recruited By: XXIII
Knighted: 141108
Initiated By: XXIII
Missions: 9
Light Years: 144.461

Jobs Taken

Flat Bag:1
Tool Bag:1


Misc Bonus:406