Boom Boom

Pilot Date2009.07.11
Total Light Years70.16

Shirley "Boom Boom" Wysocki, Sidewalk Waitress of
Madeleine County, is
well known for her lemon meringue pie.


Deck Officer1
Sticker Bag1
Damage Control3
Mission Reporter1
Skynet Operator Pre1


Hosted ByZombiePhD
Enlistment Date2009.06.27
Knighted ByLeotard
Pilot Date2009.07.11

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2009.09.26 MAD Snobs 'N' Wigs Anger
2009.08.22 MAD Nitrogen Poop Monkey Lust
2009.08.15 MAD Insidious Perfection Anger
2009.07.11 MAD Curse of the Crone Anger
2009.07.04 MAD Playground Lust
2009.06.27 MAD Fallen Heroes Anger