Play it Coool: the Top Class Luxury Mission
14 smooooooth pilots kept it cool and busted moves. Led by eXceSs in his fancy hat, the fleet first spoiled themselves with some Luna Space Lixxx, and lost a lovely Klingon who had been following for several lightyears. Many new university food enjoyed our display, wondering at the appearance of the fabulous peacockery in their midst. Onward through the night, cheering in delight, of transports, we lost sight. Skunk briefly lost his navigational bearings approaching the Fresh Nebula on a short new wormhole.
aceHole, with his familiarity of the terrain, whispered in eXceSs' ear, cruising and grooving in deep, dark space. With no food, flight standards were lax, and the fleet spread long to enjoy each other's company.
Sometime in the night, requests to use the royal throne were made, and pilots shared fancy snack molecules, of the kind that must be acquired by only the most discerning of highbrow dumpster oofniks, or daystar- only molecule refill locations. As someone attempted to fix a loose connection, Wookie bag made a botched escape attempt, and its contents were scattered to the wormhole's mercy. Thank the planets Threespeed wasn't around to witness the travesty and additional dust the case now contains. Also at this time, our classy maggot ISO, took her leave, burning up into a fancy croissant on re-entry.
Patrol continued in an unexpected direction as lack of transports allowed new opportunities. Another wormhole appeared, and provided the perfect place to create a large symbol of affection for the brave and faithful Centvrions. Each pilot was tasked to provide a contribution, but it wasn't Bane's hands that got covered in chalk! Transmission received, the fleet enjoyed the presence of a mini shopping cart before traveling homewards.
As the citizens of Coooooooooolzville approached their home base, aceHole liberated a new traffic cone. Queen Pastry Queen delighted in removing items from Princess Pixie Police's basket and weighing down aH's new toy. Bane joined in on the fun, and in the process, Beib's liberated six of Princess Pixie Police's spokes as he and PQ collided in flight. No one was the wiser, as there was no crash, and only upon further examination was it realized that the primary thruster was no short six spokes. With no further incidents, the fleet cruised the remaining light year in total comfort and style.

PQ/Princess Pixie Police receive medal of chic for their utterly royal appearance.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 262.45   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Amethyst Chastity 310.721   Aviator
Antlers Spooky Pirate 677.122   Captain
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 692.613   Lieutenant Commander
dogi Green Monsta 119.97   Recruit
eXceSs Summer 898.777   Commander
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 831.41  
Ichirinsya Pimpmobile 318.16   Aviator
ISO Civilianship 0   Recruit
Leotard Trinity 405.111   Captain
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 461.15   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
RadMax Funkenfurter 265.545   Master Chief Petty Officer
Ravensson Mad Rabbit 270.157   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Stogie Iridium 256.96  
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Leotard
Chalk Bag Ichirinsya
Cleaner Antlers
Compressor Wrangler BaneThunderwolf
ComSat Monkey Pastry Queen
Comsat Monkey Partner 1 Antlers
Damage Control AceHole
Deck Officer RadMax
Deck Officer Asst. BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag Ravensson
Life Support Synthesis Fleet Admiral Skunk
Medi Bag dogi
Minister of Zoobs eXceSs
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Pinner RadMax
Mission Reporter Pastry Queen
MRC Officer eXceSs
Navigator eXceSs
Print Jockey Fleet Admiral Skunk
RadioBox A Fleet Admiral Skunk
Radiobox B Leotard
RadioBox C BaneThunderwolf
Radiobox D AceHole
Radiobox E RadMax
Recycler Ravensson
Skynet Operator (post-mission) Pastry Queen
Stellar Cartographer eXceSs
Sticker Bag Amethyst
Still Cam Antlers
Tailgunner BaneThunderwolf
Tool Bag Stogie
Wookiee Bag ISO
Division: MAD
Date: 09/08/2018
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Tyler
Destination: Cooolzville
Light Years: 15.37
G-Well Activity: 0.5
Technical Rating: 2.25