A Very Starchasers Hallowheels
A light radiation had descended upon the New Bedford System. However, this small squadron of Starchasers (Shaggy, Velma, a Jester, and a Skeleton) was determined to make the most of the night. MRC ran over time, resulting in a late launch. Lucifer's new disruptor dishes were well worth the wait! Soon, the radiation subsided, making way for excellent flying conditions. A distress beacon was detected in the southern quadrant. Our crew was assigned the task of scanning the area for hostile lifeforms and responding with the full force of our funkapositude!

However, just a few lightyears from our destination, disaster struck! Ladybug was thrown off course by the gravity of a passing transport. Despite her attempts to correct trajectory, a crash landing was imminent. Through Ladybug's torn spacesuit, it was evident her boo-boos were sufficiently bloody to dissuade the novice cadet from completing the mission. Unfortunately, this meant Vice Admiral Beatleman and new recruit Honalee would burn up, as well. Thus, began the great spacewalk return to Fort Jonathan, in support of their fallen comrade.

His crew successfully beamed to safety, the Civitron pressed onward to complete the mission. Along the way, he was hailed by a passing ST. The admiral passed him a sticker, to which the lawman replied, "This is just what this system needs."

Thank you, New Bedford. This has been a wonderful first season. See you in April. Until then, may your citizens continue to strive to be the superhero version of themselves.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Beatleman Voluptuous 907.461   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Civitron Lucifer 803.592  
Honalee Hook 180.329   Aviator First Class
Ladybug Joker 0  
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Beatleman
Deck Officer Beatleman
Flat Bag Ladybug
Medi Bag Honalee
Mission Leader Civitron
Mission Reporter Civitron
MRC Officer Beatleman
Navigator Civitron
RadioBox A Civitron
Sticker Bag Civitron
Still Cam Civitron
Tailgunner Beatleman
Tool Bag Beatleman
Division: SCD
Date: 10/26/2013
Status: Failure 
Origin: Fort Jonathan
Destination: Luna NB Negotiables, Southern Quadrant
Light Years: 14.0329
G-Well Activity: 2
Technical Rating: 1