Radiation Scattering
this wuz tha hawtest magnet party. there was a room fulla big balls,
and heavily lickered drinks made on centrifuges, a magnetic suit that
stuck you to a magnetic wall

it was so magnetic it like zapped the rest of my memory banks!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Famine 504.353   Lieutenant
BlockheadBuriBukh Bo'orchu 201.085  
CaptainUnderpants Yer Mom 194.367  
Crumpet Trez Bonz 134.74  
Dreamer Pale Horse 105.998  
EvilTwin Delirium 736.027  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 259.888  
Iscariot Darkendank 253.449   Petty Officer 1st Class
Mars Visa 391.615   Admiral, Fleet Ready
moose LokiDucker 394.003  
Nosepicker Spooky Pirate 198.732  
Oppo Skittles 143.414  
pecan Sugardaddy 260.268   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Pengo Compliance 273.591  
Rubbish Lust 99.3506  
Samurai Kentucky 510.767   Admiral
Subliminal Anger 548.514   Master Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Schadenfreude 426.142  
Vegetable Annihilation 235.076   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Wampa Ooh La La 99.3364   Aviator First Class
Mission Task Pilot
Filmer Nosepicker
Navigator Mars
Tailgunner Samurai
Tool Bag EvilTwin
Division: MAD
Date: 10/15/2005
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: Cruftlabs
Light Years: 10.94
G-Well Activity: 1.9224
Technical Rating: 3.671