This is the mission where we intercepted a level four "renegade sound system" distress call transmitting from the Union Costellation. We triangulated coordinates all Super-Friends-style and homed in on their location, less than a light year away. There were about one hunderd civilains in distress, but rescue was already under way and our assistance only enhanched the progress. A massive sonic disruptor array was in FULL EFFECT! Booty bodies shakin to the beat! Supre pozzee! Thinking quickly, Beezwax and Nameless removed their spacesuits. Skunk joined in. Full groove ahead! Groove factor six! Phooka was following suit when the rental STs kindly asked us to "knock it off". We complied.

From there we set course to the Allston System where Snarly had his transport adrift. He requested a jump start from the USB Catastrophe. Unfortunately an upper primary thruster leak and an UNDERSTOCKED TOOL BAG and an UNDERSTOCKED FLAT BAG prevented us from completing the second leg of the mission. FOR SHAME! Hopefully next mission Drunkle and Trehugger will read the job descriptions a bit more carefully.

In any case the planet's temperature was dropping quickly, so emergency repairs were made to the SKP BonnieAndClyde, and we returnded to base, after rendez-vousing with lost luggage accidently left adrift at one of the crash landing sights.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Appleseed PleasantBuzz 152.494  
beezwax Annihilation 250.196  
Bird Spooky Pirate 108.174  
Blipblipbeep Swamp Thing 116.657  
Dirt Pale Horse 67.7819  
Diva Incineraider 251.396  
Drunkle Devastation 434.515   Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 374.893  
FoxGlove Mjollnir 128.001   Aviator First Class
Frog Ez Raider 61.2455   Petty Officer 1st Class
Kiku Pickup Styx 180.764   Aviator First Class
LunaKahuna Sloth 55.2503   Master Chief Petty Officer
moose LokiDucker 248.526  
Mosquito War 114.25  
Nameless Slag 201.116  
Nosepicker Abandon All Hope 152.468  
Onath Bonnie & Clyde 203.975  
Phooka HollyGoGoLightly 117.473  
PrinceAl Circus Peanut 86.5082   Aviator
Rotwang Summer 162.994  
Roust-A-Bout Famine 62.2973   Aviator
Samurai Ooh La La 60.1116  
Scurvy Trez Bonz 101.718   Lieutenant
snarly Water 125.099  
StarScream HellOnWheels 178.015  
Sweetums Darkendank 133.596  
Threespeed Schadenfreude 845.433  
Treehugger Greed 233.287   Lieutenant Commander
Twitch Delirium 84.419   Ensign
Zoom Sakura 161.887   Aviator First Class
Mission Task Pilot
Filmer Diva
Navigator snarly
Tailgunner Appleseed
Tool Bag Threespeed
Division: MAD
Date: 10/16/2004
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: sound system
Light Years: 6.79
G-Well Activity: 1.422
Technical Rating: 2.601