What happens when you weld a pedal on? A mission wrought with
meachical blunders. BRC ships were coming apart right and left. A
derby ensued at MIT but the mission had to be cut short due to
multiple mechanical failures. SWDM was kind enough to skate home BRC
spring which had but one pedal.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Blind Anarchy 50.46   Aviator
DeadByDawn HiLo 49.0191  
Diva WhiteTrash 97.8406  
DrillBit HeartAttackMan 47.4164   Recruit
Flasher Annihilation 130.101  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 150.042  
Grampa SIH 86.0304   Aviator
grendel War 78.8694   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Hades Air 147.979  
Hera Rusty 55.8946  
Katzug Mercury 47.0261   Recruit
MegaTron Pestilence 58.9389   Petty Officer 3rd Class
MoneyShot Water 52.5767  
MonkeyBomb Spring 131.892   Aviator First Class
NattyGann Famine 61.0731  
NoWay Sloth 38.0631  
Sarge Fubar 119.469   Aviator First Class
Shady Lust 55.0854  
Smash Colostomos 50.5373  
Sparky Trez Bonz 71.8593   Lieutenant
SWDM Sky King 131.439   Aviator First Class
Tank Pale Horse 52.0576   Aviator
vomit Ooh La La 56.3043  
waltor Singularity 117.622  
Zeus Fire 107.709  
Mission Task Pilot
Division: MAD
Date: 08/12/2000
Origin: Fort Berkeley
Destination: MIT
Light Years: 6.13
G-Well Activity: 3.001
Technical Rating: 2.045