Double Derby
Two representatives from the other Galaxy CT transported in for the occasion. Unfortunately the SCUL pilots weren't up to a large mission, and we ended up just riding to the Watertown Mall Derby Arena. The derbies we had there were amazing. Good crashes. Bulldog and RayBeez wound up waiting behind for transport due to damaged ships.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
ApeMan CSI1 51.1259   Aviator
Bulldog Centvrion 38.2401   Recruit
Crack Greed 79.3419   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
CrazyDan CSI1 51.1259   Aviator
DeadByDawn Pig Champion 72.4054   Lieutenant
Fleet Admiral Skunk Annihilation 103.057   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Gropo Abandon All Hope 117.487   Aviator First Class
LoneWulfe Pale Horse 44.6993   Petty Officer 3rd Class
MegaSeth Nifleheim 90.6642   Vice Admiral
Nails Ez Raider 27.2736   Captain
RaybeeZ Trez Bonz 59.1066   Petty Officer 2nd Class
waltor Insanity 76.5559   Lieutenant Commander
Mission Task Pilot
Division: MAD
Date: 09/26/1999
Origin: Fort Francis
Destination: Luna Watertrown Mall
Light Years: 4.7
G-Well Activity: 1.701
Technical Rating: 2.563