NebulaHunt 2
This was to be Admiral NoWayRay's last mission before he moved to Galaxy FL. The Iron Cog Award is the highest honor to possible be bestowed upon a SCUL pilot, and is given out on the last mission of the year. Due to NoWay's transfer the award was given out early. It was presented before the launch. We set course for Porter Constellation to rendez vous with some civilians who wanted to check out our bikes. Then we headed off to Space Station Browm for a colony. Many Earth beers were consumed. Later we went across the street to derby. Some amazing crashes were witnessed. More blood was spilled than beer. Even in the late night the temperature was high enough to want to seek out a radiation tank. We set course for the Watertown System MDC pool, climbed the fence and cooled off with a quick swim. Returned home with a tally of three flats, most of which were repaired before reaching base.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crack Ez Raider 58.1432   Commodore
DeadByDawn Pig Champion 168.405   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Abandon All Hope 255.498   Admiral, Fleet Ready
KungFool Sloth 65.1715  
MegaSeth FallFromGrace 250.013   Commander
Nails Trez Bonz 114.401   Lieutenant
NoWay Sky King 239.093   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Mission Task Pilot
Division: MAD
Date: 07/17/1999
Origin: Fort Francis
Destination: Skip Brown Colony
Light Years: 12.2
G-Well Activity: 3.875
Technical Rating: 1.983