Just for variety, Asher built a third upside-down ship. OK, this one's not tall. FTM ships are nothing new, but, in a serious departure from TLA tradition, this one is more structurally sound than average: it has a real seat tube and the donor bottom bracket has a tube clamped up the base ship's vestigial seat tube. This model features not only hose clamps and innertube but also u-bolts! The front end, all stock, is rock solid. Randomly enough, the design allows for a frigate-size cargo rack. More here.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Type: schwinn
Origin: Planet Hudson curbside
Chief Engineer: Asher
Builder: Asher
Commission Date: 041023
Missions: 6
Light Years: 77.7310


Date Mission Pilot
080405   AlphaMissle 08 Asher
071020   Ah, Go Fly a Kite! Asher
071006   Skunk Day Honkfest Asher
070929   Walking the Party Line Asher
061021   Whistle While You Twerk Asher
041023   Recurse The 'Verse Asher
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 8.784 
Handling Rating: 8.387 
Difficulty Rating: 3.687