A ship of tremendous proportions, Hook and Splatter is the first
carrier class ship, able to transport and launch multiple support
ships. BRC Water had been pulled out from under a heap at Ft. Summer
and restored to service by Nameless for OperationNoWayDayAOK. Inspired
by conversation about longbikes, Nameless was possessed by foolish
thoughts and the dynamic insight of TorqueBox. Several hundred hours
of ARC later, led by Nameless and TorqueBox, Hook and Splatter was
deemed fit for battle, commissioned, and taken on
OperationHallowheels2003. Pilots and food were delighted by the double
articulated nature of the ship, possessing rear steering capabilities,
independent propulsion systems, and half of an aluminum extension
ladder. Halfway down the second hill though, Splatter suffered from a
bent axle and different planetary conditions than she had been
designed for and had to be anchored for the rest of the mission.
Efforts are under way to redesign and reconstruct.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Mothballed
Ship Configuration: Bomber
Hull Material: Steel
Origin: trash
Chief Engineer: TorqueBox
Builder: Nameless
Welder: Nameless
Commission Date: 031101
Speeds: 1
Missions: 0


Date Mission Pilot
Configuration: Bomber 
Thrust Rating: 6.014 
Handling Rating: 3.123 
Difficulty Rating: 6.891