Despite its sketchy appearance, MFB PureIsJustAWord had quite a lot of structural integrity. It's horizontally extended fork allows the torque of the front wheel to be amplified, thus requiring the unfortunate pilot to constantly wrestle with the handlebars. Interestingly, the fork also seems to act as a windsock of sorts, as it wants to flap around wildly when hit with oncoming winds at high speeds. The result is that the pilots arms will soon become fatigued, thus requiring feul infusion in the form of Moxie. MFB PureIsJustAWord's high difficulty rating is due to the fact is tends to break down (it's been on several unofficial missions) every three light years or so.
MFB PureIsJustAWord was constructed by Pikachu with parts and name supplied by Sponge, both of SCUL's baby sister organization, the Social Pleasure and Interaction Team (SPIT) of the lower quadrant of Galaxy ME. Being the first ship ever constructed by any SPIT member, it hold a special place in the cold hearts of these suburban bicycle guerrillas.
Last report from SPIT to MAD SCUL informed us that MFB PureIsJustAWord was destoyed by a careless pilot error of a punk rocker under the influence of unidentified alcohol molecules, in a manuver that rammed the bow into the rear end of a docked transport. This is not a confirmed report, and MFB PureIsJustAWord will keep its ROUGE status until it is a conformed destroyed vessel.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Commission Date: 010722
Missions: 1
Light Years: 72.4000


Date Mission Pilot
010722   Intergalactic Kittery Pikachu
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 4.512 
Handling Rating: 2.003 
Difficulty Rating: 8.411