Swing Set (Diva Day)

We hit three playgrounds, one with ST interferance. Then aliens came. Then Nosepicker said, "No way, man!!" and totally laid the smack down. Then Secret Chief got his shoes stolen. Then Percentin lit things on fire. Then Sammo went into a small house. Then some tag happened. Then Nameless also laid down the smack. At some point, a small play was performed. It got OK reviews. Then some other pilots did things that involved walking. Oppo was sneaky, and Schemey did some rolling down a slide. Then Diva was all like, "Waltor is awesome," which we all reflected upon. We also reflected upon how awesome Diva is. So, some more aliens came and we were all like, "Didn't you learn the first time?" and they were all like, "No, we are a slow breed," so Megaseth threw a frisbee and they disintegrated. Some civilians commented on our mighty fine frisbee throwin, its caliber only matched by that dude who smashes mellons with a hammer, his name escapes me for the time being. Then we got back early, and Capn Undees did something heroic. Then, the muffin interlude, except it was more like a crueller break. How do you spell crueller? Cruller? Croiller? Bueler?

{happy diva day!}
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bitzer Civilianship 237.612   Master Chief Petty Officer
CaptainUnderpants Yer Mom 686.37   Commodore
ConCarne Energy 183.156   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Crash Famine 79.1471  
Crumpet Annihilation 166.284   Senior Chief Petty Officer
dillweed 100Hz 147.174  
Diva SilverKing 387.331   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Exon Chastity 229.965   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Friend Centvrion 186.591   Master Chief Petty Officer
Grimlocke ExxxonValdez 402.06   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Iscariot Darkendank 525.097   Commodore
Kaibosch Holy Molar 142.121   Chief Petty Officer
Masokist Toxic Shock 929.036   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
MeatballMulligan Mjollnir 217.922   Senior Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth Civilianship 71.612  
Nameless Vertigo 191.576   Lieutenant Commander
Nosepicker Storm Rider 228.504  
Onath Delirium 292.414   Master Chief Petty Officer
Oppo Skittles 74.3115  
Percentin Dr. Love 185.532   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Pinky Spooky Pirate 203.94   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Rat Circus Peanut 94.7055   Aviator
Rotwang Skylab 212.836   Lieutenant Commander
Samurai Heartbreaker 2790.4   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Schemey Civilianship 54.612   Aviator
SecretChief Abandon All Hope 350.968   Lieutenant
Zappa Pale Horse 578.466   Commodore
Mission Task Pilot
Filmer CaptainUnderpants
Navigator Nosepicker
Tailgunner CaptainUnderpants
Tool Bag CaptainUnderpants
Division: MAD
Date: 08/05/2006
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: ParksAndSlides
Light Years: 8.731
G-Well Activity: 2.36
Technical Rating: 1.79