From the Death Star(t) to the Finish
SCUL was greeted with steady incoming and confused transport while
traversing Constellations Davis, Porter and Harvard. A heavy transport
impeded Cloudbuster's progress early in the mission, resulting in the
partial implosion of the Disco Death Star, which was temporarily
stashed at Fort Issimo. Post-Death-Star fiasco, the fleet proceeded
tortuously in a winding manner through light radiation towards the
finish line of an annual hoo-man ritual known locally as the 'Boston

Upon arrival near the finish line of said marathon, the fleet
encountered heavy but friendly ST presence as well as excitable food,
some of which loudly proclaimed that this day was their 21st day of
corporal external existence upon planet Earth.

Extended shore leave was observed as maggot Treekiller was at long
last knighted to the rank of pilot.

With the primary mission achieved, the fleet returned to base at a
leisurely pace through Constellations Kendall and Inman. Cloudbuster
suffered a second setback due to transport interference at
Constellation Inman but no serious pilot injury occurred.

The fleet returned to base by way of Constellation Porter, stopping at
Fort Issimo to lash the Disco Death Star to PDP Schadenfreude for its
return to Fort Bartlett.

Lt. Self Destruct performed admirably at the job of Comsat Monkey,
which at the time of this writing is still under development and has
proved to be an essential task in keeping cohesion within the
in-flight fleet.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bendy Famine 374.866   Ensign
Buckminister Immaculate Taco 318.401   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Dozer Ez Raider 165.572   Aviator First Class
hackworth Synesthesia 1130.84   Commodore
Joyride SawedOff 360.99   Master Chief Petty Officer
Maestro Compliance 410.733   Petty Officer 1st Class
magneato Skylab 320.432   Petty Officer 2nd Class
pywaket Cloudbuster 1399.07   Commodore
Q Delirium 635.442   Ensign
SelfDestruct Dr. Love 861.902   Lieutenant
Threespeed Schadenfreude 548.243   Lieutenant Commander
Treekiller Mjollnir 804.057   Master Chief Petty Officer
Tweenus War 390.425   Chief Petty Officer
Visigoth Annihilation 359.637   Petty Officer 2nd Class
yt Ooh La La 1061.71   Commodore
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock pywaket
ComSat Monkey SelfDestruct
Damage Control Dozer
Deck Officer Asst. hackworth
Filmer hackworth
Flat Bag Visigoth
Food Wrangler Tweenus
Medi Bag Tweenus
Minister of Zoobs pywaket
Mission Leader pywaket
Mission Reporter hackworth
MRC Officer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator yt
Print Jockey yt
RadioBox A pywaket
Sentry Tweenus
Skynet Operator (post-mission) yt
Skynet Operator (pre-mission) yt
Sticker Bag Q
Tailgunner Joyride
Tool Bag Treekiller
Wookiee Bag Maestro
Division: MAD
Date: 04/17/2010
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Bartlett
Destination: Victory
Light Years: 14.507
G-Well Activity: 1.78
Technical Rating: 2.39