Muppets Take Manhattan
7 delegates from SCUL decided to ride in Galaxy NuYawk in hopes of representing SCUL amongst the 600 cyclists that were involved in the Warriors ride. This mission in many ways tested our spirits, endurance, and ability to pull through together. The Fleet arrived at Gropo's space station and immediately headed for the Bronx System. We encountered some heavy negi gwell crossing the Queensborough Bridge and headed into the battle zone known as the lower east side. Diva burst an inner plasma casing, the first thruster failure of the night. Quick recovery was made while the fleet endured heavy bombardment of comets in the Harlem System. The fleet then went into light speed made to get to the Bronx System. We arrived, made allies with the electric vikings, and headed for the first of many events. Severe radiation destroyed all of our navigational materials. Amidst the radiation, Bushido had another inner plasma failure. Repairs were made and we continued on. The pilots were challenged to several tasks. WalTor and Gropo were fierce competitors at handball. We continued on with an ST escort towards the Willis Bridge. However, shy of crossing the river, the Silver king's primary thruster had yet another plasma casing failure. It was clear at this point that the planets were paved with meteorites. We continued on across the Willis Bridge which was slippery and sketchy at best and crossed into the Manhattan System towards Planet Riverside. Two more plasma casing failures ensued on WalTor and NoWay's ships. NoWay had also had some heavy damage to his outer plasma casing which worried the pilots. We continued on to our next challenge: the bunny hop. LoJack made a valiant atempt on bunnyhopping EZraider and bent the fork in the process. We refused to give up and continued on down PlanetRiverside. Upon arriving at Riverside Park, NoWay had another thruster failure blowing a large hole on the side of the outer thruster casing. NoWay and Gropo attempted making a thruster bandage with a sock and old innertube while WalTor mud wrestled a legend known as Ming. The disabled thruster casing was switched to the navigational thruster and we prayed that it would get us to the ConeyIsland System. The fleet continued on to the Times Constellation whereby WalTor experienced the final thruster failure of the evening. We patched a tube and headed on through the GreenwichVillage System to the Wliliamsburg Bridge. Severe NegiGwell and posigwell were along this route, but we made it to a BBQ party where we ran into former SCUL pilots and many other cyclists. 200 cyclists headed togther for ConeyIsland. The planets were ours! However, somehow we managed to lose track of them. We once again were alone, lost, and cold. Three pilots known as the Riffs led us to a subway station. We carried our ships up multiple stairways and boarded the line for the Big CI. At dawn we arrived. Tired and relieved. We had made it. We SCUL pilots are good, real good. We then headed back for Queens and some much needed sleep.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bushido Delirium 499.708   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
DangerMouse Energy 594.576   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Diva Incineraider 633.065  
Gropo SilverKing 1070.14   Lieutenant Commander
LoJack Ez Raider 181.048  
NoWay Annihilation 723.423  
waltor Singularity 603.456  
Mission Task Pilot
Navigator Gropo
Division: MAD
Date: 08/25/2002
Origin: Fort 49th (Queens, NY)
Destination: Coney Island
Light Years: 41.62
G-Well Activity: 4.1
Technical Rating: 4.6