SCUL Day 2002
Today marks the seventh anniversary of SCUL. Two superMaggots (Scarecrow and RevD) showed for the celebration sporting their own choppers. Long lost Lonewulfe also showed for the festivities and brought a maggot but both mysteriously burned up on reentry. And thanks to the Pirate Ride in town, maggot GasBag also joined the fleet. Yep maggots are everywhere!
The fleet first watched a historical slide show of SCUL's humble beginnings from Skunk's birth to the formation of the chop-tacular SCUL. Vomit then navigated the fleet through the Jamaica Plain system to join a Pirate Disco Dance party already in progress. The mission started wrought with mechanicals causing Gropo to have to anchor Skylab and take upon riding Bonnie&Clyde.
The pilots arrived at the party and worked on their pirate lingo("Arrrr"), properly showed off skeleton paraphenalia, and bounced their busy booty.
The pilots then picked up some fellow pilots and food from the party and headed to the Arnold Aboretum into deep subspace. After some major negi-gwell the fleet arrived atop Pete Hill. Immediately several pilots removed their space suits. However, a quick head count made it clear we were missing three pilots. Moneyshot adonned Devastation's boa and went in search of them. He was successful in retrieving the lost maggots and joined up with the fleet. After rejoicing, the fleet headed for home. While heading to the fort Gropo created a new artifact--a can dragged for a mile in the front wheel of Bonnie&Clyde. The fleet returned to base without incident.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bushido Pride 398.396   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Diva Incineraider 513.199  
Flasher Ez Raider 110.254  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 1308.33  
GasBag Circus Peanut 278.497   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Gropo Bonnie & Clyde 609.486   Master Chief Petty Officer
MoneyShot Devastation 460.917   Lieutenant
MonkeyBoy Village Idiot 315.424   Commander
moose LokiDucker 499.613   Commodore
NoWay Annihilation 530.288  
RevD Sandman 233.721   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Scarecrow Number 8 533.037   Chief Petty Officer
Shakes War 384.863   Master Chief Petty Officer
Sparky D.B. Cooper 214.139   Commander
Turtle Ooh La La 942.842   Commander
vomit JanBrady 473.171   Lieutenant
waltor Singularity 605.782   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Mission Task Pilot
Filmer MoneyShot
Navigator vomit
Tailgunner waltor
Tool Bag Turtle
Division: MAD
Date: 06/01/2002
Origin: Fort Summer
Destination: Jamainca Plain
Light Years: 21.85
G-Well Activity: 4.801
Technical Rating: 4.286