The goal of this mission consisted of going where no chopper pilot had gone before. Infact, there were times when navigation got dicey. However, all ships and pilots made it safely back to Ft. Berkeley.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BarFly Pale Horse 113.042   Aviator First Class
Diva WhiteTrash 199.158   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 305.028   Ensign
Gropo Skylab 249.387   Master Chief Petty Officer
LoJack Pride 215.9   Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth Groovlactica 256.06   Petty Officer 1st Class
MonkeyBoy Famine 123.998   Petty Officer 1st Class
RockStar Devastation 98.4439   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Shakes Annihilation 267.693   Petty Officer 2nd Class
SpeedMetal Lust 110.301   Petty Officer 2nd Class
ViciousSquirrel Trez Bonz 139.546   Petty Officer 1st Class
vomit Pestilence 119.415   Petty Officer 1st Class
waltor Singularity 234.322   Master Chief Petty Officer
Mission Task Pilot
Division: MAD
Date: 04/28/2001
Origin: Fort Berkeley
Destination: Boldly go where we haven't been before
Light Years: 13.47
G-Well Activity: 3.14257
Technical Rating: 4.81