IHOP Suicide Mission
1. Assemble the troops and set course for the International House of Pancakes.
2. Eat lots of pancakes, declare diplomatic immutity and demant to see our delegatewd ambassodor consolate.
3. Reassemble.

IHOP was completely taken by surprise. They surrendered immediately.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crusty Bonz Bik 0   Recruit
Fleet Admiral Skunk Skylab 89.5024   Aviator
GassyD Anger 47.9453   Recruit
TerminatorS Fluffy, TDOW 0   Recruit
Mission Task Pilot
Division: MAD
Date: 10/04/1997
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Francis
Destination: IHOP
Light Years: 4.6
G-Well Activity: 2.224
Technical Rating: 2.042