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Mission Objectives

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cross into the Canadian Universe on a hyspeed mega cat ferry from Galaxy Maine to the Yarmouth system on Galaxy Nova Scotia.
navigate over two days to the Digby system on Galaxy Nova Scotia
tag with some scul stickers
return to our universe by a ferry across the bay of fundy nebula

Mission Summary

Waltor and Diva took a ferry from BarHarbor system in Maine to Yarmouth system in a parallel universe of Galaxy NovaScotia. The ferry proved to be a brutal ride leaving many aboard (including Diva) feeling a bit seasick. The visibility was impossible, but we arrived in Yarmouth to the sound of bagpipes and started their voyage towards Digby. We noticed that the transports in this galaxy were super friendly when passing us. They would lightly toot their sonic disrupters and then pass only when they were sure it was clear on the gwell.

We encountered some pretty serious G-well the first day and a little bit of navigational confusion, but the local civilians were very friendly and stopped their transport to offer us direction. We stopped for rest briefly at Port Maitland beach. Here we left scul stickers in our wake and continued on through more G-Well. Waltor was concerned that they were not going to make their first stop by dinner, but as it turned out they were getting confused between light years and the unit of measurement for this other universe. About 1600 hours they arrived at their first sleeping accommodations called the CaptainsQuarters (Meaning we must have been hauling oats because we had left Yarmouth only 4.5 hours before). Arrgh, the CaptainsQuarters in the Metegan system was a lovely place to rest and a fellow civilian bicycle group shared some polite conversation over breakfast the next morning.

We took off around 1000 hours and continued North towards Digby stopping for some lemon ice at a general store and for some more fuel in the Weymouth System. It was at this fuel stop that we saw locals partake in an odd custom of mixing mayonaise molecules with their pizza molecules. Two hours later we arrived in Digby. The system was smaller than we had expected as we pretty much saw the whole thing in about 3 minutes. So we went through the town a few more times and then headed to another ferry terminal for St. John's System of the NewBrunswick Galaxy. Waltor spotted a whale from the bow of the ferry. Upon arriving in St. John System we met up with Flasher who then brought us by transport back to our universe.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Diva Incineraider 1120.14  
WalTor Singularity 1020.24  
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader WalTor
Navigator WalTor
Still Cam WalTor
Mission Debriefer Diva
Mission Reporter Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderWalTor
Mission Size 2 pilots
OriginThe Bar Harbor System
DestinationThe St. John System
Light Years76.2
G-Well Activity3.1
Technical Rating1.7