Oolong has a taste more akin to green tea than to black tea: it lacks
the rosy, sweet aroma of black tea but it likewise does not have the
stridently grassy vegetal notes that typify green tea. It is commonly
brewed to be strong, with the bitterness leaving a sweet aftertaste.
(thanks Wikipedia)

Oolong was made all slapdash just in time for Century 07 and the hills
of beautiful Gloucester. The fork extension was a leftover from
Burning Man 2006. Moose learned Rubbish to tig weld real good on it.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Battleship
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Hercules 3speed
Origin: Revolution bike shop
Chief Engineer: Rubbish
Builder: Rubbish
Welder: Rubbish
Commission Date: 070810
Location: Fort Berkeley
Speeds: 1
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 5
Light Years: 158.1900
Class: Battleship 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 
Handling Rating: 
Difficulty Rating: