MoxieMoron, Asher's first build, was kind of a vision quest - it's constructed entirely from off-the-shelf components (read "trashpicked" - or borrowed from someone else who trashpicked them), except for one u-bolt which held up construction for weeks and was finally purchased. There's a fair amount of structural innertube and significant use of hose clamps in seat tube support. MM used to have a highly-adjustable handlebar positioning system, which made the bars of no help whatsoever when it came to mounting. Only after some crucially-useful advice about the headset from MegaSeth was this ship declared potentially spaceworthy. It has a bottle cage and a mountain rack - and a cyclometer, with a cable way too short to reach the handlebars. That's how we know for sure it is a tall bike.

More history of MoxieMoron is detailed here.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Type: bmx
Origin: Planet Cedar curbside
Chief Engineer: Asher
Builder: Asher
Commission Date: 021019
Missions: 7
Light Years: 80.4000


Date Mission Pilot
040403   AlphaMission04 Asher
031018   TourDeVille Nameless
030712   HappyFunTimesBikeClub Bushido
030412   SloMo BetaMission Asher
030405   AlphaMission Asher
021026   LastDance Asher
021019   TakeTheCanoli Asher
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 4.213 
Handling Rating: 4.998 
Difficulty Rating: 7.312