Built over the course of a full season of struggle, the LNO Fall is the first ship built by perilous and the object of many of his hopes and dreams. Will it become the shining beacon of lights, sound, and crazy contraptions he imagines? Will is languish under the porch all winter? Who can know.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Destroyer
Ship Configuration: H.A.R.V
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Random hulls
Origin: Summer
Chief Engineer: perilous
Builder: perilous
Welder: perilous
Commission Date: 191109
Location: Fort Tyler
Speeds: 7
Navigational Retro: Linear-pull
Primary Retro: Linear-pull
Missions: 1
Light Years: 9.0400


Date Mission Pilot
191109   Omegamission 19 perilous
Class: Destroyer 
Configuration: H.A.R.V 
Thrust Rating: 
Handling Rating: 
Difficulty Rating: