Grandaddy Purp
Purple is defined as a deep, rich shade between crimson and violet, or, more broadly, as a range of hues of color between blue and red, or as a dark color that is a blend of red and blue. According to surveys In Europe and the U.S., purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety. When combined with pink, it is associated with eroticism, femininity and seduction... AND GRANDADDIES

(wise words courtesy of Stogie)

Grandaddy Purp lives on in its new form as Hrímfaxi.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Reforged
Ship Class: Battleship
Ship Configuration: H.A.R.V
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Raleigh Grand Prix/Sport
Origin: Frame Mountain
Chief Engineer: Silfr
Builder: Silfr
Welder: Silfr
Commission Date: 151030
Location: Fort Sherman
Speeds: 1
Primary Retro: Cantilever
Missions: 1
Light Years: 14.7001


Date Mission Pilot
151107   Omegamission 2015 Silfr
Class: Battleship 
Configuration: H.A.R.V 
Thrust Rating: 
Handling Rating: 
Difficulty Rating: