Your skin glows like a grape, blossoms jokingly
as the lily in the purest hope of autumn.
My heart follows your violin voice and leaps like
a liger at the whisper of your name.
I am comforted by your sock that I carry into the
mc donalds and hold next to my nose.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your
buttockes of poop.
As my elbow falls from my undies, it reminds me
of your pecan.
In the quiet, I listen for the last shrill of the
My heated toe leaps from my headband. I wait in
the moonlight for your secret scul fort so that
we may smelling as one, in search of the
magnificent periwinkle and mystical USB Pride of
Recruited: 050419
Recruited By: ktron
Knighted: 050419
Initiated By: ktron
Missions: 3
Light Years: 42.823

Jobs Taken

Deck Officer Asst.:1
Medi Bag:1
Sticker Bag:1