Her Life Force forged in the heart of a faraway Undead Solar Body, NOVA is an Often Misunderstood creature of Love, Darkness, Metal, Funk, and Light. Lost, Aimless and Lonely, she spent many earth-orbits adrift in the Great Expanse of the Cold Universe, before finally de-spacing on the surface First Jovian Moon.

It was here she sequestered herself deep in the Untamed Fires of the lunar body's Novel Volcanoes, until one day succumbing to a Long-Overdue Mocktar Epiphany. It was then she prepared to begin her Cybernetic Transformation, A Great Journey to one day reach Her True Form, ethereally aligning her corporeal and incorporial forms, and Realizing Her Full Power.

On this Great Journey she was Discovered by Fleet Admiral Skunk, who imbued her with the Powers of Metal and Funk. The Admiral saw her fit to be a Pilot, and requisitioned her to join an upcoming Boot Camp, on the strict condition that she be not a moment late! NOVA eagerly entered the cockpit of Mad Rabbit and completed Boot Camp, and Knew she was Born to Fly. As soon as the fleet departed for her first Mission that Fateful Saturning, and NOVA heard the Song of SCUL, she felt the Funk radiate from Cloudbuster's sonic disrupters through every fiber of her being. For the first time in her brief existence, NOVA was Home.

Today NOVA is a new SCUL Pilot: recruited by Skunk, raised by Rocket, Rad Max, and Red Squirel, and Orbitally Knighted by Leotard with Purple and Dark Matter on the Earthun Sea. SCUL has awakened a long-lost passion, creativity and confidence in NOVA's heart.

The Gang gives her the space to express herself, and a place to be, for the first time, Herself. But this is only the beginning of her Joruney. NOVA asprires to one day become a Master Shipbuilder and Iron Cog, but she still has much to Learn, many more Powerful Items to Construct and Acquire, and many more adventures to be had.

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date190720
HostFleet Admiral Skunk
Knighted ByLeotard
Light Years278.58

Task Force Record

Com-Sat 13
Compressor Wrangler2
Damage Control1
Deck Officer1
Medi Bag2
MRC Officer1
Print Jockey2
Still Cam1
Tool Bag1
Wookiee Bag3


Hi-Fives/Waves Back66
Misc Bonus255
Stone Cog