Long ago, in the bed of two skydivers (no seriously, that part is true), an apparation named Geist was conceived. After checking their log book, Geist's maternal unit deduced that she had embarked upon nine in-utero jumps, which is believed to account for the pilot's anomalous brain activity.

Throughout childhood, Geist often dreamed of Captaining an intergalactic space vessel. Upon learning that human technology had not advanced to the heights that would allow for such sparefaring, Geist was extremely dissapointed. Other things occupied their time, with many things coming and going. The only thing that held any lasting interest was the joy of creation, be it cinema, stories or mechanized beasts, but sadly, whatever was made never amounted to the humming, whirring light speed behemoth that would take Geist to the cosmos and beyond.

As time went on, jadedness set in, with the only placation being dance tunes, some of which were of the funky fresh variety. Eventually, after embarking on a journey to school to learn to fix some of earth's more primitive transports known as "cars and trucks," Geist met an operative by the name of Deadblow, who was undercover as a civilian at the time. Upon further conversation, Deadblow told Geist of a place that busted the funk and traveled space simultaneously. From the moment they gazed upon the busy inhabitants of SCUL hard at work aboard the floating citadel of Fort Tyler, it felt like a natural fit. Finally, the dream of venturing into space seemed like it could become true, and with spacefarers who wouldn't mind the random yoda voices and insane ramblings that Geist frequently uttered whilst becoming covered in plasma, grease and other ship fluids. At long last, the time of journeying forth into the endless oceans of stars was at hand.

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date150425
Knighted By
Light Years80.58

Task Force Record

Damage Control1
Sticker Bag1
Tool Bag2


Misc Bonus406

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
150912 MAD Hulls Down Iridium
150620 MAD Like Deers In Rain Trez Bonz
150530 MAD StarBuck Rojerthat Ez Raider
150516 MAD Show and Tell Mad Rabbit