ABC It's as Easy as Objectives 1 2 3
We came, we saw, we licked!

Objectives on the launch pad were announced as
1. Jolly Tall Licks
2. Lost, Just Get It
3. Trash Pandas
To properly obey these commandments, we set off to the dulcet tones of the Jackson5, circituously wending our way through the night. Shadowcat at the helm was embodied by the spirit of Hapto, forcing some of the gang to dismount for tiny or vertically challenged wormholes. Lost, we got it, momentarily disorienting even the most well-compased pilots.

Fuzz, leaning against a signpost, yelliing "Couscous, come here, I want to lick you!" PQ obliged instead, using Princess to briefly disrupt Newton's Laws so Fuzz could lick her helmet. The flight path continued to a favorite haunt, where grenades are often found, disgorging hearty oofniks, while everyone else headed on to Powderhouse Constellation.

Bounty was light, and the oofniks rejoined the others with only a few loafs of bread and cake, pounded. However, in explaining space flight to a Klingon, pilots were suddenly possessed to find the meaning of Jolly Tall Licks. Various pilots licked ships, each other, climbed up high to lick down low, and the whole thing looked like a bunch od children who haven't yet realized that their ice cream has fallen off the cone.

Lest we forget, I comemmorate Tard here, before attempting to ride Suspension of Disbelief 2: Electric Boogaloo "Radmax, can I ride your ship? Am I gonna die? Any tips?" You did just fine, Tard.

We set off again, reminiscent of YT, in circular pursuit of the night. Sometime around Central Constellation, though no one could really say, Rad Max burned off into the night. The fleet continued on to find a fuel dump and ended up with an MIT distress call, making friends with students and ST alike, all wondering where to acquire such magnificent ships.

Anorher Kilingon followed briefly, as we flew off again for parts unknown. The park which welcomed us had a giant cat tree for none other Than ShadowCat to perch atop and sticker for us, and a merry go round, hoping to disgorge pilots of recently acquired snacks. Moat importantly though, Couscous found his inner Meskanai, perched upon a trash barrel, batting at empty liquid molecule holsters.

All objectives now unlocked, space was wide open for travelling back to the fort. Just shy of the Market Basket cup hunting grounds, Princess had a plasma failure, and the gang proceeded to the lower launch pad to finish with dignity.

all stillcam originals: http://glittergutpunch.com/scul/metroalpha/stillcam/180428/
timelapse: WIP
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Boost Yer Mom 0  
couscous Glittergasm 462.192   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Dead Bride Dr. Moreau 341.791   Petty Officer 3rd Class
DrClaw Shockwave 514.697   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Hedgehog Ez Raider 0   Recruit
Leotard Trinity 555.455   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Lordmcfuzz Eat My Shorts! 1209.02   Lieutenant
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 523.52   Petty Officer 3rd Class
RadMax Suspension of Disbelief 381.512   Aviator
Shadowcat Mousetrap 807.925   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Taco Bieber Fever 428.086   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Threespeed Schadenfreude 384.77   Petty Officer 3rd Class
TUFF N TINY Mjollnir 0  
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock Shadowcat
Chalk Bag Hedgehog
Cleaner Leotard
Compressor Wrangler Threespeed
ComSat Monkey Threespeed
Comsat Monkey Partner 1 Taco
Damage Control DrClaw
Deck Officer Shadowcat
Flat Bag Boost
Medi Bag couscous
Minister of Zoobs Boost
Mission Leader Lordmcfuzz
Mission Pinner Lordmcfuzz
Mission Reporter Pastry Queen
MRC Officer Lordmcfuzz
Navigator Shadowcat
RadioBox A DrClaw
Radiobox B Leotard
RadioBox C couscous
Recycler RadMax
Skynet Operator (post-mission) Shadowcat
Stellar Cartographer Shadowcat
Sticker Bag RadMax
Still Cam couscous
Tailgunner Pastry Queen
Tool Bag Dead Bride
Wookiee Bag Leotard
Division: MAD
Date: 04/28/2018
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Tyler
Destination: Lost
Light Years: 15.791
G-Well Activity: 2.093
Technical Rating: 3.847