Ships at Sea
Wet. Funky.

Heavy radiation assaulted the fleet as they prepared for launch.
Mission Leader SevenofNine tapped into her Borg powers and the
pilots submissively accepted her directive to Bust the Funk
throughout the galaxy. Resisting would have been futile in any case,
but Synesthesia's funky emanations made it downright impossible not
to boogie.

Stogie navigated, attempting to avoid the radiation through speed

Fist stop: Corrugated metal tube for light funk-busting and Moose
droid protection. Then off on a serpentine tour of the Somerville
system, absorbing radiation in even the most radiation-proof of

(Excess's yellow pants failed spectacularly along the way)

Second stop: Alewife! Space boots were emptied, funk was busted, and
the intrepid fleet found a strange new creature that called itself a
"wombat". Mission leader allowed the pilots to adopt it and bring

Minor injuries occurred as hook surprised her pilot with a surprise
ejector seat trick.

Third stop: MIT. An anticipated food source proved barren, so pilots
scavenged for burritos and corn hardtack and made a simple meal.

Finally, the crew barreled home to Joy with little incident.

They emptied their boots and wrung out their socks and climbed into
their warm little pilot bunks and dreamed of far off star systems.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
DrClaw Spooky Pirate 603.366  
eXceSs D.B. Cooper 386.011  
hackworth Synesthesia 1553.94  
Leotard Summer 531.74   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
metoikos Mjollnir 621.378   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
moose LokiDucker 403.357   Master Chief Petty Officer
SevenOfNine Hook 654.24   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Spark Water 0  
Stogie Wingnut 747.564   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Treekiller One Night Stand 813.554   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Wombat Pale Horse 455.82  
ZyGoat Vindaloo 694.38   Commander
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock hackworth
ComSat Monkey ZyGoat
Damage Control Treekiller
Deck Officer hackworth
Deck Officer Asst. Stogie
Flat Bag ZyGoat
Food Wrangler Spark
Medi Bag Leotard
Mission Leader SevenOfNine
Mission Reporter ZyGoat
MRC Officer hackworth
Navigator Stogie
Print Jockey Fleet Admiral Skunk
RadioBox A hackworth
Sentry Treekiller
Sticker Bag Treekiller
Still Cam Stogie
Tailgunner DrClaw
Tool Bag Spark
Division: MAD
Date: 06/11/2011
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Joy
Destination: Slackfest 2011
Light Years: 14.114
G-Well Activity: 2.34
Technical Rating: 3.48