Status: Virtual


Intergalactic Distress Call

We tried to implement new technology, said technology failed. We busted the funk anyway. We remain posi. Mission Failure.

eXceSs & PQ:

We tootled around the Camberville system busting the funk. The Food enjoyed seeing Scoally Rancher but we couldn't remember the steps for the SCUL March. Our dancing shoes were left unused. Both pilots returned with Posi attitudes and bananarama.


Under the day star, I trash picked 7 rolls of TP on Western Ave. It was a open package of 9 rolls with only 8 in it. I dropped on in the trash can upon lifting the packaged, and it was left behind where it landed. I decided that I did not want to carry the remaining 7 rolls on my 20 ly+ exploration ride so I left it on a picnic table just off of Mem-drive. I am now a TP fairy. I got lost and explored Newton and Newtonville. It was a glorious and relaxing ride. In search of a Boston Tag 'n' Brag location, I dropped chain while crossing the MBTA E line tracks at Brigham Circle. The chain wedged itself between the hub and cog and mangled the dust cover of the internally geared hub. Big time mechanical. PQ+XS were on standby to dispatch a rescue mission if repairs were fruitless. I discovered the forces of the chain was able to mangled the dust cover enough to eject the cog snap ring. It was barely hanging on. I tried to fix the dust cover unsuccessfully, put it back on minus one piece and a flipped cog. It caused some major frame rub but it would get me home. Physically I felt like I could have done 20 more light years to complete a half century, so it was a bit disappointing. PQ and XS did not have to rescue me and I grabbed a burger to go from Flat Top Johnny's. I saw Gritty on her new civy ship just outside of Union. 36 ly completed


Solo Exploratory Expeditions continue to prove fruitful. This week's 24.2575 combined two patrol routes found new grounds to bust funk, new semi-finished wormholes, new luxury Fuel Dumps near old haunts, new to SCUL playgrounds, and a number of civilians asking for the gang's return by name. Many smooth space lanes have been marked for later use, some will require reassessment once normal transport traffic resumes. Locations documented but Classified for reveal in future missions during the Aftertimes.


Zoooomflying on new flightless ship... putting in some time in the sub-basement while plotting. I am co-piloting with two civies on my civie tandam...rpRoger Red Rocket. They both whine. I am not kind about the whining thing.

I am waving and representing by wearing colors when i do my spacewalking if it is not too hot. I am up to 20 miles on the nameless but shiney flightless ship. It is ridiculously sweaty but i am at least training.

Seeing pilots saturnight was Well... so strangely like standing outside a theater waiting ... at 5AM on a rainy tuesday, fifth in line for a new play. We all want to be flying the summer streets with the sonic sweetness and some sparkles and the whole night ahead.

And we will. Not soon enough but... we will.

Oh, and a couple of my most sculworthy imps are sculsmitten. They are too young to sneak out or get permission for a few orbitals but... 2 definite wanabe babymaggots who who i may someday knight.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Bieber Fever 77   Aviator
eXceSs Scollay Rancher 200  
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 178  
Pastry Queen Scollay Rancher (Bombardier) 0  
Task Force Pilot
Life Support Synthesis Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Leader eXceSs

Mission Parameters

OriginYour Home Galaxy
DestinationSpace Funk
Light Years0
G-Well Activity0
Technical Rating0